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HYDRO E11 STUDIOS PRIVATE LIMITED is a multi-purpose service sector based company created with the motive of serving leading industries, small startups, and businesses by providing a range of professional services in the field of Information Technology, Tax Services, Financial Approaches, GST Compliances, and ROC Compliances, etc., generally termed as Business Suites.

As HE11S also has a selective prime objective of expanding business in the field of E-Commerce, IoT, BPO, Asset Management, Software, Web and App Development, AI, and also we like to keep our footprints in the field of space technology in the future.


Hydro E11 Studios Private Limited is founded by Mr. Naveen Ramakrishna and accompanied by Mr. Subramanya Malya Vardan in August 2021 at Bengaluru Karnataka with the ambition of providing a wide range of services in professional matters and in technology matters. As the result, they have managed to develop techs for a better services experience for customers (Both Individual and Small Startups).


To be a Home for Every Business Services


“Power of Presentation”, “Home for Businesses”, “Bring your vision into life”


Tax Services

Get your Tax services at low cost at regular intervals with filing and its compliances such as GST Return Filing, IT Return Filing, Professional Taxes, PF and ESI,etc.,

Management Services

We provide a professional management services such as HR Tool Kit, Maintenance of Registers,Insurance policies & claims proceedings,etc., @ attractive prices with agent engagement of 24/7.

Accounting Services

Hire your Accountant and get your books of accounts,registers and prepare your financial statements with high accuracy and confidential. Maintain you books of Accounts in Tally, Zoho Books and Quick books, etc.,

Legal Services

Get your firm register whether a Sole Proprietorhip, Partnership, Company/LLP's at reasonable cost with high end professional sevices also includes registration of GST and IT Account, PF & ESI,MSME,Copyrights & trademarks,startup,etc.,

AWS(Apps, Website, Software) Services

We build Mobile Apps, Websites and Software as your requirement with rich and intensive content at low cost, whether Static or Dynamic.

Business Process Outsourcing

We have a trustable and knowledgable professional to carry out the business process services whether it is a Voice or Non-Voice (National or International).


Naveen Ramakrishna
Head of Business & Client Operations
Niranjan B A
Head of AWS Operations
Subramanya M V
Head of Customer Relationship

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Bangalore, India


+91 7483044594